Tommy Erdos coaching a Formula 4 race driver

Identify your goals

We will evaluate your current performance and benchmark against your goal. Setting a clear plan with objectives against your set timescales

United Autosports race drivers training in the simulator

Focus on the training you need

We breakdown your coaching plan into milestones, setting targets and timescales. Giving you the focus on each milestone within the set objectives

BMWCCR race driver


It takes 10,000 hours to master a discipline. Using our virtual reality simulators with full race telemetry gives you the tools and the data for us to evaluate your progress and monitor performance. We push you to continuously improve 


Professional Engineering

SimRace Pro simulator with motion and virtual reality

 We use our state of the art race simulators with professional controls and software for driver training to evaluate your performance and create a development plan for you to achieve. Virtual Reality adds the next dimension to your coaching, by allowing ultimate realism for racing drivers.

Steering wheel and Dashboard

Fanatec wheel with Sim Racing Hardware dashboard

Our steering wheel uses brush-less motors to provide a high level of precision and torque. Allowing you to feel the grip of the tires beneath you. The carbon dashboard with toggle switches and rotary encoders allows a race driver to easily change car settings from the drivers seat enhancing their training and coaching

Pedal set

Fanatec V3 ClubSport pedals

The pedals have gas adjustable settings allowing you to change the stiffness and travel of the pedals. Braking sensitivity can be adjusted to ensure you get the feeling that is right for you. A 90 kg custom made load sensor gives a real feeling. 


Race telemetry

Our telemetry application is aimed at improving the most important part of the car - you the driver! There are many telemetry programs out there that simply show you lots of complicated looking graphs and numbers. They then leave it up to you to figure out what it all means. Our analyser gives you easy to understand “plain English” explanations on where you are losing and gaining time and advice on how you can improve your driving.


Race telemetry

In addition to the various analysis screens, telemetry can show you multiple data traces as well. Laps can be played back in real time, with your position displayed on the track map as you progress round the lap. Not only does the track map display your current position, it can also show the track in three dimensions, allowing you to see the elevation changes around the lap. This is important for determining how to approach the turns. It can also display a throttle and brake overlay, so you can see your throttle and brake usage around the track.


SimRace Pro simulator

A fundamental part of driving quickly requires accuracy, consistency and to be relaxed in the car. It is vitally important for a driver to achieve these necessary attributes. Training in a simulator environment allows a driver to attain these without the possible stress that driving on a busy test track can produce.