Give your sim racing the rig it deserves


Sim Lab GT1 Evo

Evolution and adaptability


Sim Lab P1-X

 The ultimate in home sim rigs 


Sim Lab GT2

Compact and solid

Additional Options


Race Seats

Display Mounts

Display Mounts

High quality race seats selected for Sim Lab chassis


Display Mounts

Display Mounts

Display Mounts

Integrated or free standing



Display Mounts


Additional accessories designed for Sim Lab

P1-X sim racing chassis

The P1-X sim racing chassis is largely based on all what made the P1 one of the best sim racing chassis available.

 As a long-time requested feature we added the 4 feet brackets for extra stability, but we kept these optional to keep the price sharp. Additionally we re-worked the pedal tray which now offers a wider range of adjustability. 

GT1 Evo

  The GT1 Evo is new to the Sim Labs line up. Built to give flexibility and adjustability around your needs. 

GT2 Cockpit

The GT2 cockpit is designed around the concept of front mounting, compact size, ergonomic use and rigidity that aluminium profiles offer. The use of custom made lasercut brackets makes this sim rig simple, but versatile in setup. Front mounting has the big advantage of clearing up the knee room which makes the experience more comfortable.