SimRace Pro race simulator

Do you need the perfect racing simulator? This is what you're looking for!

 Formula1, Cars, GT’s, Rally's… this racing simulator will cover all your needs, and more important, all your customers needs. If you need a simulators rent service, for trade shows, corporate incentive programs, or even rent a simulator for a private party. Our SimRace Professional simulator , comes equipped with the best visual technology, and high end components with a multi-adjustable modular platform for all kind of users. From the young ones to the older audience, including professional Sim racers, everybody will enjoy the best Sim Racing experience. 


Professional Controls

Carbon Dashboard and Formula Wheel



  • Race simulator with an aluminium anodized modular platform 2200mm x 1100mm
  • Three 32″ screen ready structure, adjustable in height and depth with virtual reality.
  • Adjustable cockpit with height and depth adjustment.
  • 2DOF movement system with silentblocks shock absorbers.
  • Bucket style seat with FIA Validation.
  • Sparco© 4 belts with four fixing points.
  • Fanatec© Clubsport 2 wheel engine.
  • Fanatec© Formula Carbon wheel.
  • Sparco© P285 with Fanatec© release system.
  • Fantec© Clubsport V3 pedals with extra damper in the brake.
  • 32″ FHD Three Screens visual system.
  • Logitech Z906 THX 5,1 sound system.
  • SimtechPro Stage 3 PC
  • Assetto Corsa©, Project Cars©, Rfactor2© and Dirt Rally© simulation software.
  • 1500w UPS system