Where in the world?

United Kingdom

A purpose built SimTruck with engineer telemetry station and live in at the front. Two SimRace Pro simulators in the rear. We can deliver professional simulation anywhere, from a field to a trade stand at a convention center for corporate events and hospitality.

European Community

Our purpose built race lorry has the range to deliver to you an outstanding experience with professional race driver coaches. Need our simulators in a hurry, no problem we will fly them to you in their purpose built pro flight cases.


We are never limited by walls or borders and that goes for delivering professional simulation to you. Our simulators can be flown anywhere in the world in their purpose built pro flight cases, ensuring we are a truly global business.


Experience state of the art racing with our Virtual Reality Race Simulator hire service. VRRC offers a professional experience with the latest technologies and professional gear. The best virtual reality simulation and hardware, whether you are a professional race driver or a sim racer. Contact us now for private events, corporate events, team building and hospitality.

Professional Simulation

At Virtual Reality Racing Club we are specialists in simulator hire services, to make any event an experience to remember. If you want to enjoy the best simulation experience, choose our SimRace Pro simulator range, to feel firsthand a real race driver training experience. 

We offer our simulators for hire, available to anyone that needs to take their trade show or hospitality to the next level. Advertising campaigns, presentations, business meetings. Our simulator hire service offers all national and international circuits officially used by the professional race teams. We can configure everything to meet the brand image branding on the physical simulators and also within the software, creating your own branded race car. Connecting simulators together allows you to create races where your guests compete on the same track at the same time. With the action shown on a separate 55" 4k screen for spectators.

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